White Cabinets & Black Hardware – Current Trends


Have you recently visited a friend who had an attractive kitchen with white cabinets and black hardware? They probably had either a contemporary or minimalist style kitchen—two designs that have recently become popular among homeowners looking to revitalize their kitchen. If you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen, you should look into one of these current trends to find the best white cabinets with black hardware that are for you.


Looking For A Timeless Look?


If you want your kitchen to remain fashionable even with the passing of time, consider White Shaker Door cabinets. Not only will they give your kitchen a nice contemporary look, but they will stay that way for years to come. Then it’s time to select your handles, there are a few different options that can change the look and feel of these timeless cabinets.


For those looking to stay contemporary, explore the selection of smaller handles, such as the traditional pulls and knobs. If you are looking for more ease of use, consider a tubular pull bar that works well with the Shaker-style cabinets and drawers.


Want Something More Minimalistic?


White cabinets with black handles can also be used to create a nice minimalistic and symmetric look. This is especially true if you select the slab style which can be implemented in a way that requires few, or no handles. This style benefits more from non-glassy finishes and is a great option for those looking to improve functionality in their kitchen or bathroom spaces. If you are remodeling an especially small space, this can help you save room without having bulky handles in the way when cabinets or drawers are opened.


Choosing The Right Style For You


When remodeling or building any space, you need to select a style that complements your personal style and vibe. You also need to consider the space you are remodeling, as some spaces can benefit from different design styles. If you have questions about which design is right for you don’t be afraid to ask a designer for help.


Questions You May Have


Now that you are all ready to start your remodel you may have a few questions about switching your style to white cabinets with black hardware.


Does My Faucet Need To Match?

Many homeowners wonder if during a remodel if they need to switch out their kitchen sink faucet for something which matches. And this is absolutely not required! Just keep the faucet which makes you happy, after all, the contrast look is in.


Do I Have To Have Black Appliances?

While black appliances do tend to go well with white cabinets with black hardware, they aren’t the only appliance option you have. Stainless steel can also be a great choice to pair with your new kitchen.



If you are looking to transform your kitchen into something more contemporary and modern, the current trend of white cabinets with black hardware may just be the perfect solution for you. No matter what type of look you may be going for, white cabinets with a different variety of black hardware can be modeled to create your dream room.



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