Traditional Vs. Modern Cabinetry

There’s a good chance that you don’t give your kitchen cabinets a second thought when you’re looking at the design of your kitchen. Kitchen cabinets can change the entire feel of your kitchen and even your home! Choosing between modern and traditional cabinetry will help you create an overall aesthetic that fits your needs and desires.

Traditional Cabinets

Often, traditional or Old World kitchens are seen as darker than other modern styles and come across as thicker or bulkier. There’s a lot more texture to the cabinets themselves in the Old World style and are considered more rustic, showing the wear and tear of the house. This can make the kitchen feel more homey and comfortable.

These are also made of different types of wood and almost all open as doors with doorknobs or even glass fronts to them. The kitchen is the heart of the home and if your kitchen cabinets are Old World style there's a good chance your whole house follows along with this theme. It's most often seen in older homes or country homes but new houses have taken to this concept to make them feel homier for new people moving in.

Modern Cabinets

While traditional cabinets have an element of texture and design that goes above and beyond functionality, modern cabinets are sleeker and more compact. Instead of being made of different types of wood, they’re usually a combination of elements together in the design.

The doors are also done away with when it comes to these cabinets and sliding drawers or other styles are used. This also helps them incorporate more technology that’s increasingly being used in kitchens and newer homes across the country. Modern designs help keep things compact and are usually seen in apartment and condo kitchens where space is hard to come by.

Making the Choice

Choosing which one works for your home can be a difficult decision. Traditional cabinets offer lots of homey charm and Old World grace. Modern ones may give you more space when you need it the most!

Before you sit down to design your dream kitchen yourself, it’s best to get in touch with the experts. Companies like EuroContempo can help you design your kitchen, maximize the space, and create a good design flow throughout your house.

There can be elements of both in your home but to keep things flowing smoothly, you'll likely have to choose one overriding theme. With the help of some designers with the company, your kitchen cabinets are going to be a centerpiece of the design of your home!


The kitchen is the heart of your home and your cabinets make or break the design flow. Getting cabinets may feel easy but choosing between traditional and modern designs may have you begging for help! Working with a company like EuroContempo lets you have a hand in the design without needing to go it alone. You’ll be able to talk through new design ideas and how things will come together in your home with people who understand it all!

Give the team at EuroContempo a call to set up an appointment to design your dream kitchen at 435-800-3876!

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