What is a contemporary kitchen? This elegant styles focuses on basic lines, shapes, and form with functionality.


Contemporary traditional is a frameless cabinet with more dimension to color and style. Generally seen in shaker style doors and drawers with wood grain laminates.


Modern style uses clean lines with trending, up-to-date colors, functions, and styles. Design is generally done with current trends in mind to make custom cabinets. Horizontal upper cabinets, slab style doors, and drawers with contrasting colors help draw the eye to whatever room this is displayed.


Consistent and symmetrial lines are what make minimal a poplar choice in kitchens and bathrooms. Purely function in modern looking areas, upper cabinets are not usually done. Generally done in matte colors to not appear as loud as glossy cabinets.

Door Styles


A 5-piece styles that has 4 thin pieces framing a fifth larger canvas piece of material.


Two thin outer edge pieces surrounding a large canvas in the middle with the grain horizontal.


Slab is a flat piece of material. It is mostly used in modern or comtemporary cabinet design.

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