Shaker Style Cabinets

Some things never go out of style. Picture a suit for special occasions or a tuxedo on prom night. Regardless of how different contemporary design has become compared to recent times, some looks have passed the test of time that give them an evergreen appeal.

This is the case with Shaker-style kitchen cabinets too. The Shaker style started in the 19th century, as Shaker communities had furniture built that was functional yet minimalist.  These Shaker-style furniture pieces are so influential, they are sought after and collected by many museums.

A Versatile Cabinet

No matter how our tastes change from age to age, the simple, classic, and straightforward design appeals to us and continues to drive demand for Shaker-style kitchen cabinets.

The evergreen style of Shaker cabinets is versatile.  This specific style of kitchen cabinet can work well in both traditional and modern-oriented kitchens.  If you are planning on transitioning from modern to traditional, or vice versa, then you may want to use shaker cabinets as transitional pieces.

One of the benefits of choosing a shaker cabinet for your kitchen is that you won’t be locked into one look forever. You can go choose one design now, and without having to change your kitchen later, you can transition to another style using shaker cabinets in your kitchen.  This is further shown when you buy well-built kitchen cabinets that will last you years, like our cabinets here at EuroContempo that we custom build and fit your home, guaranteeing a long life of use.

Shaker-style kitchen cabinets are best stained or painted.  They should be lightly stained so that the natural wood grain shows through. They can also be painted white for a timeless look.

It is interesting that because the shaker style is derived from furniture, the cabinetry can be placed into any type of room such as a family room or bedroom.  An open kitchen concept is another design that could be enhanced by this style. They can also make a beautiful kitchen island.


Whether on Pinterest or blogs like this, one thing is for sure: You will continue to see shaker-style cabinetry used in a variety of ways throughout homes. After all, why not?  The evergreen and timeless appeal has endured the ages and finds itself still popular today.  You can get your kitchen remodeled with shaker-style cabinets through EuroContempo Cabinetry at your convenience!


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