Windows with automation system



Installing an electric motor for a window offers great comfort and sophistication at home or at the office. An electric motor can help open or close windows to regulate room temperature, especially when windows are out of reach.

Main advantages of electric motor in PVC Windows:

  •  It is a modern system that provides home security because it reduces the risk of a window being left open or poorly closed.
  • With remote control, wall switch, mobile phone, or voice system (Google or ALEXA for example), you can open and close the windows to ventilate the house, whenever you want and from any side of the house.
  • Due to the material with which the windows are made and the electric motor, the place is much safer in matters such as fires and blows, for example.

Other features:

1. The chain can stretch out while open window and retract to the opener inside after closing window.

2. Double-layer chain, more durable and not easy to break off.

3. Equipped with overload protector and can open and close at least 30,000 times.

4. Smart design with strong function.

5. Locking force reach 2000N. Push/Pull force 400/400N.

6. Working temperature: 20-75°C.

7. Suit for multiple window types.

8. Working speed 12-15mm/s.

9. The travel length here is 300mm.

10. Electric power: 1.2A, Power 28W.