Door Tilt Parallel Door



The Tilt Parallel Window system has the advantage to ensure closure with maximum tightness, providing security at various points around the frame. Likewise, this type of window has a slight displacement of the window towards the interior, giving comfort in its movement, this is due to the high-quality fittings that it has. The Tilt Parallel Window is built with the IDEAL 2000 profiles, offering maximum insulating performance, easy maintenance, and great durability.

Heavy windows (sashes up to 250KG), easy handling. A slight 90-degree turn of the handle and even the large and heavy sliding elements open almost by themselves. It is not magic, but applied physics and material physics. The decisive technical detail of the new hardware is the double-manual forced control, thanks to which the previously laborious opening process is notably facilitated which, in addition to folding down the window, it also required manual scrolling. The solution: carriage and compass move the sash synchronously from the frame. It is a unique feature on the market

For more information about the profiles for this type of window here.

It can be combined with a Retractable Screen.