How Long Do Kitchen Cabinets Last?

You need to replace your kitchen cabinets if they get damaged or are in poor condition. Or simply, you need to install new ones when you want to give your kitchen a new look, making a bold statement. It is important to note that premium quality cabinets can last for more than 50 years. Of course, they need to be of excellent material, and you need to keep up with maintenance to use them for years. 

You may have seen people using cabinetry designed in the 60s and the 70s. The primary reason why they are still in good condition is their material and manufacturing process. Apart from this, if you opt for cheaper cabinets, they will have a shorter life span than 50 years. At that point, you need to replace your cabinets. 

In other words, if you install high-quality custom-made cabinets in top-notch condition, then you don’t need to replace them for around 25 years. Some kitchen cabinet manufacturers also give you a guarantee of few years that your cabinet will work perfectly fine. However still, even premium quality cabinetry can get damaged from water or termite. So, you need to be careful about it. 

Signs You Need to Replace Your Cabinets

It may be challenging for you to determine when it is best to replace your cabinets. Besides that, if they are good in shape and you are happy with the design and style, there is no good reason to update them. 

Here we have mentioned some of the signs that can help you understand whether you need to replace your cabinets. 

Water Damage

If you notice any discoloration on different parts of the cabinets, then it’s a sign of significant water damage. Not being able to close the cabinets or swollen surfaces is another indication of this problem. 

Poor Functioning

Cabinets that produce odd sounds when you open them regularly get stuck, open in a wrong manner, and are difficult to close need replacement. Moreover, if your drawer or door fronts start falling off, it’s a sign you need an upgrade. 

Mold Growth

Mold presence is a nuisance, and eventually, it will be hard for you to prevent its growth in your entire house. It can hurt the appearance and function of your kitchen cabinets and can cause health risks to your family. In other words, you not only need to replace them but find out the source of molds in your house. 

Cabinet Box in Poor Shape

Some time cabinets cant’ support the new hinges and holes. It is a sign that your cabinets are hollow from the inside, and it will be a waste of money if you make repairs. 

Bottom Line

If you are planning to replace your old, rusty kitchen cabinets, then you may need our help. At Euro Contempo Cabinetry, we can help you understand whether your cabinets need an upgrade. If it does, we can install beautiful and classy cabinets to boost the appearance of your kitchen. Just check our website to know about our services to make better decisions.



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