You would be surprised at how some well-designed cabinets can bring together a room. They bring about a feeling of homeliness and add personal style to your kitchen, bathroom, or wherever they’re needed.


Here at EuroContempo Cabinetry, we specialize in making your cabinets look beautiful. We can build it any way you like it, whether that’s traditional, modern, contemporary, or even custom. We have an amazing showroom in Southern Utah, so feel free to stop in and see what kind of cabinets we can make for you.

Who We Are

EuroContempo Cabinetry has been creating cabinets for all kinds of homes for 28 years and is moving forward in the industry to this very day.


We keep our showroom looking gorgeous with the latest designs, materials, and organizers the cabinetry industry has to offer. Now that we have made our way to Utah, our plan is to become the state’s biggest and most trusted cabinet distributor.


Our team can accommodate cabinetry projects from tract homes all the way to custom homes, and for a good price too. If you come in with any questions or are just looking for new ideas, we are always happy to educate you about the industry we’re a part of and how to make your home look the best it can be.


We take pride in making a top-quality product and providing exceptional customer service when creating cabinets. Also, our portfolio looks much better in person, so stop by to see for yourself exactly what kind of work we can do.

Our Specialty

Much like our name suggests, we specialize in creating Contemporary European Cabinets which focus on basic lines, shapes, and functionality with form. Of course, there are also other styles we can do that we can ensure will still be of great quality.


Another cabinet style we can do is the traditional style, which you may have seen in older homes. This style involves a frameless cabinet and focuses more on color and design. These cabinets work well on shaker style doors or drawers using wood grain laminates.


Also, our modern style cabinets are among the best you will see. These kinds of cabinets use clean lines and can be seen in a variety of colors (really, whichever ones are trending at the time). Their functionality is also fairly varied, and you can see some very creative designs.


Modern cabinets are meant to draw the eyes to them, which is something not many people think about. Cabinets can truly be eye-catching if they are designed that way and can command attention in whatever room they’re in.


Plus, we have the ability to create custom cabinets that fit your home’s needs. Custom cabinets can be among the most fun to create, despite the challenge, and we have seen plenty of homes’ cabinets look perfect after being custom made to fit right into the room’s decor.


For all your cabinetry needs, contact us right here and feel free to give us a call or send us a message any time!

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