Top 3 Kitchen Remodel Mistakes


Top 3 Kitchen Remodel Mistakes Are you one of those people who are waiting for the right time and guide to begin a kitchen remodel project? You should know that while kitchen remodeling is a fun way to redecorate your kitchen, it requires thoughtful processes and clear thinking to be on the right track. Besides, […]

Pet-Friendly Cabinet Ideas

Pet cabinets

Pet-Friendly Cabinet Ideas We all love our families and care for them. When it comes to our furry family members, they deserve the same attention and love. No matter you have a cat, dog, or any other furry pet, we love to have our favorite animal accompany us through some of our greatest and lowest […]

How long do Kitchen Cabinets Last?

kitchen cabinets

How Long Do Kitchen Cabinets Last? You need to replace your kitchen cabinets if they get damaged or are in poor condition. Or simply, you need to install new ones when you want to give your kitchen a new look, making a bold statement. It is important to note that premium quality cabinets can last […]

Why You Need Floor Cabinets in Your Bathroom

Why You Need Floor Cabinets in Your Bathroom Improvements to your home are often better done incrementally rather than committing to a pricey renovation all at once.  The bathroom is usually one of the first improvements made in a home, whether that be adding new cabinets or replacing old ones, a renovation can completely change […]

Shaker Style Cabinetry

Shaker Style Cabinetry

Shaker Style Cabinets Some things never go out of style. Picture a suit for special occasions or a tuxedo on prom night. Regardless of how different contemporary design has become compared to recent times, some looks have passed the test of time that give them an evergreen appeal. This is the case with Shaker-style kitchen […]

White Cabinets & Black Hardware – Current Trends

white/black cabinet

White Cabinets & Black Hardware – Current Trends   Have you recently visited a friend who had an attractive kitchen with white cabinets and black hardware? They probably had either a contemporary or minimalist style kitchen—two designs that have recently become popular among homeowners looking to revitalize their kitchen. If you are thinking of remodeling […]

Cabinet Maintenance 101

Cabinet Cleaning

Cabinet Maintenance 101 Cabinets can be an incredible investment in the value and overall equity of your home. With the significant expense of either building or buying cabinets, then having them installed, you want to make sure they look their best as long as possible. This means cabinet maintenance is almost as important as the […]