A kitchen is often the heart of the home and when you get the chance to design your dream kitchen, you want everything to be perfect. Everything from the backsplash tiles to the way the function of the cupboard should be designed with functionality and you're aesthetic in mind!

To ensure that your new kitchen fits your every dream and desire, there are a few mistakes you want to always avoid. These can seriously hamper the way your kitchen functions or impede the way your design shows through. As you plan and design your dream space, avoid these mistakes so your kitchen will end up as the warm, welcoming, beautiful space you’d always imagined!

Keep in Mind: Multiple Cooks

One mistake that many people make when designing their kitchens is not planning for multiple cooks in the kitchen. Be sure that you’ve got plenty of space to move around with two or three or more cooking, prepping, or hanging out in your kitchen!

Large Enough Upper Cabinets

You’d be surprised how many standard cabinets won’t accommodate larger serving platters and plates. Before finishing your kitchen, ensure that your cabinets will be large enough to hold all of your dishes and utensils. Check out luxury cabinets in Southern Utah that can be customized to fit all of your kitchen design needs.

Only Focusing on Resale Value

Designing or redesigning your home should be about your style! Many people focus only on the resale value of their design and neglect to think of their style and desire. There are ways you can incorporate both aspects but if you design a beautiful kitchen regardless of what you believe the resale value will be, the home will sell fast.

Neglecting Color Options

White kitchens stand out and they often look sharp. But going with white or neutral colors throughout your kitchen design can mean missing out on unique color options. Explore your color options for cabinets, counters, and more before jumping to a neutral-color kitchen.

Inadequate Cabinets

Most kitchens designs or redesigns focus a lot on the availability of counter space. Neglecting your cabinets or the number of cabinets in your kitchen can be a huge mistake! Luxury cabinets like St. George Cabinets can be an elegant way to incorporate more space into your kitchen design without adding to the square footage.

Not Enough Lighting

Decorative lighting can shed light on the entire kitchen as well as add a new level to the kitchen design with proportional elements that draw the eye. Be strategic with your lighting and don’t be afraid to go bold with multiple lighting elements!

Improperly Positioned Doors and Drawers

Regardless of how much storage you have in your kitchen, you won’t be able to use it if you can’t open your doors or drawers! Invest in luxury cabinets and be strategic about the way the doors and drawers open in your kitchen.

Forgetting the Small Details

Your kitchen is a reflection of your personality! Don’t forget the small details that make it yours and make it unique. Add little things that work well for you, improve the function of your kitchen, and just make you smile when you use them!

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