Kitchen cabinets are often the first item you see walking in the kitchen. They serve the essential purpose of adding style to the room while carrying the weight of dishes and often stored food. The COVID-19 pandemic has also caused some changes in how much food people store in case of shortages. We will discuss a few kitchen cabinet trends for 2019 from storage to color and doorless cabinets.


Food Storage

One of the most obvious trends in 2021 has been COVID, which has caused some changes in how much food people buy on a regular basis. Buying more food to try new things has resulted in needing more storage space for food, and the flex to having bigger, more open cabinets and more hidden storage.


Open Cabinetry

Many designers are thinking of fewer upper cabinets and more open cabinets. Open cabinets and open shelves are becoming more common to make a kitchen look bigger and reduce the number of doors to open when cooking, since cooking at home has been more common in 2020 in addition to supporting local restaurants by ordering takeout. An example of open cabinetry is simple a cabinet with no doors or a floating shelf anchored into the studs, which has your pots and pants out and readily available to use.


Organic Looking Materials

You can call natural, organic looking materials by many names, including rustic, antique, and earthy. Shelves made of natural wood are becoming more cabinet, in addition to cabinets with more earth tones instead of solid whites and blacks. These colors can also make the kitchen look more natural and homier. Organic and dark materials can add a restaurant bistro feel to your kitchen.


No Handles

A cabinet with a recessed handle looks more streamlined and can be easier to pick your fingers into than an exterior open handle. Recessed handles are a bit more difficult to install without experience, but it can be done, and the sleek look is totally worthwhile.



Walnut cabinets are become hot with the warm color adding some instant luxury and finely detailed grain to your kitchen and can be a nice contrast to a light or dark countertop.



Colors like black, not normally associated with kitchen cabinets, have become more popular as a sign of luxury when added to textured wood. Especially when combined with a rustic wood floor, they add an antique, classical look to a kitchen instead of making it overly dark and moody.



2020 has brought a few changes to kitchen stylings, and storage has been on the forefront, along with making the home you are likely spending much of the day in as inviting and open a place as possible. These trends are likely to continue with a few changes into 2021. Experts predict that more green, sustainable materials will be showing up in cabinets in the near future while emphasizing style and simplicity.

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